This collateral loans policy is provided in accordance with the New York State General Business Law and other applicable laws and regulations. By entering into a pawn transaction with Westbury Gold Buyers, you (the “Borrower”) agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Loan Amount: The amount of the collateral loan extended to the Borrower will be based on an evaluation of the collateral provided by the Borrower.

2. Interest Rate: Westbury Gold Buyers offers a monthly interest rate between 2% (24% APR) and a maximum rate of 4%, in accordance with New York State law for collateral loans. Interest will be calculated on a monthly basis.

3. Loan Term: In accordance with the State of New York’s guidelines, Westbury Gold Buyers provides loan payment plans over a period of four months. However, loan periods may be extended or paid down earlier. The loan is due to be repaid in full, including principal and accrued interest, on or before the maturity date, which is four months from the date of the loan agreement.

4. Renewal: If the Borrower is unable to repay the loan on the maturity date, the Borrower has the option to renew the loan for an additional four-month term by paying the interest accrued up to the maturity date. The Borrower must notify Westbury Gold Buyers in writing of their intention to renew the loan.

5. Default: Failure to repay the loan in full, including principal and accrued interest, by the maturity date, and failure to renew the loan, will result in a default. In case of default, Westbury Gold Buyers has the right to sell the collateral to recover the outstanding loan amount and any additional costs.

6. Fees and Charges: Westbury Gold Buyers has no hidden costs or fees. Your pawn ticket will clearly indicate all details of the loan, including loan amount, interest rate, and any applicable fees.

7. Insurance and Storage: Your items are insured and securely stored while in our possession, ensuring their safety and availability when you are ready to pick them up.

8. Flexible Loan Increments and Extensions: We offer flexible loan increments to suit your needs, and extensions are available upon request, subject to our terms and conditions.

9. Purpose: Whether you need cash for repairs, tuition, payroll, or home expenses, Westbury Gold Buyers provides a simple, safe solution to meet your financial needs.